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Representing over 700 million years of Earth’s history, our Geology Collection not only includes scientifically important reference material but also internationally important specimens, such as the Pleistocene Woolly Mammoths from Condover. 

The collection of over 30,000 specimens is composed mainly of fossil material, but also includes about 1,000 igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, and approximately 1,500 minerals from British and worldwide localities. 

The main strength of the collection is the comprehensive range of fossil material from the Palaeozoic of south Shropshire and the Welsh Borders. This includes a significant collection of Silurian cephalopods, and Silurian and Devonian fish. 

Other significant fossils include the Colvin & Baker collection of Cenozoic vertebrates from the Siwalik Hills of India, and Rhyncosaur material and Cheirotherium prints from Grinshill in North Shropshire. 

Geology samples at SM&AG

Curently we are working towards:

  • The Geology Collection has recently been reassessed and recatalogued as part of ‘Fossils in Shropshire’; a Friends of Ludlow Museum project, funded by a LiBOR grant.  This project aims to generate a greater awareness of the county’s geology collection and provide better access through a comprehensive online catalogue. 

Items from our geology collection can be seen at:

Ludlow Museum

Discover the story of the pioneering early geologists who helped to establish Ludlow Museum and the modern science of geology through the remarkable variety of rocks and fossils which can be found in the area. 

Much Wenlock Museum

Wenlock Edge was formed by the erosion of alternating hard and soft layers of sedimentary rocks which are gently inclined to the southeast. For more almost a millennium these limestones have been quarried for a variety of uses.  The study of them over the past 160 years, and the unique fossils they contain, have helped shape the modern science of geology.  This long association is preserved in both the international system of naming geological periods and local place-names.

Silurian fossil brachiopod Sphaerirhynchia wilsoni

Shrewsbury Museum
& Art Gallery

The Hall of Rocks reveals the amazing journey which this area has undertaken through geological time.  Discover the many and varied rocks which were formed and what they tell us about the changing environment.

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