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Natural History

The Natural History collections contain plants and animals collected from both Shropshire and further afield by people associated with the County.  This collection, collected over 170 years, is a remarkable record of the flora and fauna of Shropshire both today and in years past.

Many of the items within the biology collection formed part of the early collections of Ludlow Museum, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery and Whitchurch Museum.  These have been added to during the twentieth century mainly through the acquisition of private historic collections.

Currently we are working towards:

  • The installation of new herbarium cabinets and have added to our current holdings a collection of plant specimens made by the Much Wenlock doctor and founder of the Olympian Games, William Penny Brookes.
  • Researching these collections and their collectors with our volunteers to improve our understanding of these collections and their value to science.

Items from our Natural History collection can be seen at:

Much Wenlock Museum

A small display of taxidermy provides an overview of the flora and fauna of Wenlock Edge

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

Our Shropshire Naturalists Gallery explores the remarkable research undertaken by Charles Darwin’s contemporaries and the Victorian founders of Shrewsbury Museum.

Featured collections