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Workshop programme at a glance

Shropshire Museums’ Collections Centre

WorkshopDurationKey stageCost per class
Dinosaur Detectives2 hours1£95
The Key to the Castle4 hours1£140
Glorious Groups2 or 4 hours1£95 or £140
Lego Story Starter – Night at the Museum2 hours1/2£95
Looking at Life with Linnaeus 2 or 4 hours 2 £95 or £140
Rock Detectives4 hours2£140
Meet the Tudors4 hours2/3£140

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

WorkshopDurationKey StageCost per class (includes museum admission)
We’re Going on a Mammoth Hunt1.5 hoursEYFS£60
Dinosaur Detectives2 hoursEYFS£95
LEGO Story Starter – Night at the Museum2 hours1/2£95
Portrait Tour & Art Workshop2 hours1/2/3£95
Landscape Tour & Art Workshop2 hours1/2/3£95
Medieval & Tudor Shrewsbury2 or 4 hours2/3 £95 or £190
Stone Age, Bone Age2 hours2£95
Rock Detectives2 or 4 hours2£95 or £190
Meet the Romans2 hours2£95
Investigating Evolution2 or 4 hours2£95

Acton Scott Historic Working Farm

WorkshopDurationKey stageCost per class (plus admission charge of £3.25 per pupil)
Little Red Hen1 hourEYFS/YR 1£55
Three Little Pigs1 hourEYFS/YR 1£55
Old MacDonald1 hourEYFS/YR 1£55
The Ploughman’s Lunch1 hour1£55
The Secret Life of Plants1 hour1£55
Animal Homes1 hour1£55
Harvest Home1 hour1/2£55
A Farm Through Time1 hour2£55
The Power of Plants1 hour2£55

Shropshire Archives

WorkshopDurationKey stageCost per class
Local Study2 hours2£95
Medieval & Tudor Shropshire2 hours2/3£95
The First World War in Shropshire2 hours2/3£95
English Language and Literature ‘A’ Level2 hours‘A’ Level£95

Museum in School

WorkshopDurationKey stageCost per class (single session)Cost per class (two sessions in one day)
The Magical Museum Suitcase1 hourEYFS£65£130
Toys2 hours1£110£190
Charles Darwin2 hours1 £110 £190
Florence Nightingale 2 hours 1 £110 £190
Viking Raiders 2 hours 2 £110 £190
Anglo Saxons 2 hours 2 £110 £190
Ancient Greeks 2 hours 2 £110 £190
Original Olympians 2 hours 2 £110 £190
Ancient Egyptians 2 hours 2 £110 £190
Meet the Romans 2 hours 2 £110 £190