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Facilities and access


Available facilities
Accessible toilets
Baby changing
Meeting room hire
Freezer and conservation laboratory hire
Food and drink can be purchased from local restaurants and cafes


The Collections Centre is a quiet facility although periodic alarm and door bells can be heard. The library foyer, through which the Centre is accessed can be busy.

The corridors and public rooms of the Centre are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair users. Mobility scooters may struggle with turning circle space within the Centre. Previous visitors on mobility scooters have parked them after entering navigated our hallway and rooms on foot.

Most rooms are floored with lino, but the corridor is a textured plastic and the office is carpeted.

There is an accessible toilet within the Centre, as well as lockers for storage of bags and coats.

Baby changing facilities can be found in the library toilets.

We aim to provide a friendly, accessible environment for all our customers. If you have any queries about access, or the suitability of the Centre to your needs, please contact us.