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Mindful Museums

Share a Mindful Moment with SM&AG

Shropshire Museums are launching a ‘mindful museums’ project and want you to take part. The museums team have produced a series of short videos offering listeners a mindful exploration of artworks and objects held in the collection of Shropshire Museums. The videos are accompanied by a restful audio track by artist & educator Lindsey Kennedy, which encourages listeners to ‘look, to breathe and to be curious’.

The first video of the series features a beautiful blue and white Caughley china tea pot. A selection of activity sheets to support each video have been produced to help viewers to get started with their own creative projects. The videos and activity sheets are available below.

The museums team are calling on artists, makers, creative writers, gardeners, families and tea enthusiasts to enjoy a relaxing moment studying the teapot and to share their creative response using the hashtag #mindfulmuseums #museumfromhome and tagging in @shrewsburymuseum @shrewsmuseum

Participants in the Arts Council ‘Arts Award’ scheme run by Shropshire Libraries can also access the videos and activity sheets to help them complete their award. LINK

Fay Bailey, Manager of Shropshire Museums said:
‘Being mindful of our mental health is vital during these stressful times. We hope Shropshire Museums’ Mindful Museums project can help is a small way by providing a moment of calm exploration of some of the wonderful objects cared for by Shropshire Museums’.

Roman Mirror – art extension worksheet

Caughley Teapot – art extension worksheet

The Miller’s Garden – art extension worksheet

Mallards and Pigeons – art extension worksheet

House of Birds – art extension worksheet

English Bridge – art extension worksheet

Impression at Ellesmere – art extension worksheet

John Napper – art extension worksheet

Chainmail – art extension worksheet

Edwardian Boots – art extension worksheet